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Top 20 suburbs for upsizing your home

4 October 2023

The top 20 Australian suburbs ideal for upsizing have been revealed in a game-changing new report by Property Credit.

The guide is designed to help buyers in Australia’s capital cities who are looking to upsize to a larger home without leaving their city’s metropolitan area.

Using a two-tier methodology, the report sifts through initial selection criteria and offers a ‘suburb score’ to help buyers find the best option for their lifestyle.  

Property Credit’s chief executive officer Giordano Stepancic said the report helps families make sense of which suburbs offer the best opportunities for a more spacious home.

“This report is a game-changer for families ready to upsize. We’re cutting through the noise to give you clear, actionable advice on which suburbs offer the best opportunities for a bigger, better home,” Mr Stepancic said.

The report filters through suburbs, targeting areas that offer four-bedroom houses, promising socio-economic profiles, and affordability. Suburbs that meet these criteria are then ranked by the comprehensive Suburb Score, made from variables like inventory levels and affordability.

“We’ve included the Suburb Score to be an all-encompassing metric. It’s not just about bigger homes; it’s about finding communities where families can flourish, both socially and financially,” he said.

Belair in South Australia takes the top spot with a starting budget of $997,500 and a suburb score of 82.

Roleystone in Western Australia comes in second with a suburb score of 81 followed by Woodvale in Western Australia (also with a suburb score of 81) coming in third.

The report aims to help families wanting to transition to larger homes within their current city.

Top 20:


  1. Belair (SA)  $997,500 82
  2. Roleystone (WA) $649,000 81
  3. Woodvale (WA) $754,000 81
  4. Tarragindi (QLD) $1,250,000 78
  5. Gooseberry Hill (WA) $929,000 78
  6. Curtin (ACT) $1,450,000 78
  7. Hughes (ACT) $1,352,400 78
  8. Mawson (ACT) $1,095,000 78
  9. Berowra Heights (NSW) $1,325,000 77
  10. Hornsby Heights (NSW) $1,540,000 77
  11. Edgewater (WA) $613,083 77
  12. Glen Forrest (WA) $777,700 77
  13. Kingsley (WA) $709,000 77
  14. Fadden (ACT) $1,138,500 77
  15. Kareela (NSW) $1,460,000 77
  16. Eltham North (VIC) $1,150,000 77
  17. Garren (ACT) $1,509,750 77
  18. Nicholls (ACT) $1,250,000 77
  19. Mount Crosby (QLD) $776,550 76
  20. Mount Nasura (WA) $529,000 76

In an unpredictable market, the report offers a trusted resource for potential buyers puzzled by the rapidly changing property values and inventory levels.

He said the report aims to lift the fog of uncertainty, offering a data-backed guide for those ready to make an informed upsizing decision.

“Our core mission at Property Credit is to make property transactions seamless. This report embodies that mission by providing Australians with the insights they need to confidently take the next step in their home-owning journey,” he said.  

Retiring? Stay tuned for Property Credit’s next report featuring the top suburbs for downsizing.

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This article is for general information purposes only and is not intended as financial product advice. Consider seeking independent financial advice that relates to your individual circumstances.

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