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The ultimate guide to the top 3 suburbs for upsizing in 50 diverse areas

13 December 2023
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Dream Bigger: The ultimate guide to the top 3 suburbs for upsizing in 50 diverse areas.

The comprehensive report, “Dream Bigger,” offers an in-depth analysis of the top suburbs for upsizing across Australia, presenting a detailed overview of the real estate landscape in various states and regions.

State-Wide Suburb Analysis

The data reveals a significant presence of Queensland in the list, with 51 suburbs featured, indicating a robust and diverse property market. New South Wales follows closely with 42 suburbs, showcasing its appeal to those seeking to upsize. Victoria and Western Australia each contribute 21 suburbs, reflecting their own unique real estate characteristics. South Australia, the Northern Territory, and the Australian Capital Territory have a more modest representation with 9, 3, and 3 suburbs respectively.

Regional Insights

The report encompasses 50 distinct SA4 regions, offering a granular view of the upsizing options across various parts of the country. This regional diversity allows potential buyers to understand the specific market conditions and lifestyle offerings of different areas, facilitating informed decision-making.

Median Pricing Trends

Median list prices vary significantly by state, reflecting the diverse economic landscapes. The Australian Capital Territory leads with a median price of $1.07 million, closely followed by New South Wales at $1.045 million. Victoria and Queensland have median prices around $943,000 and $860,000, respectively, while Western Australia presents more affordable options with a median of approximately $737,300. South Australia and the Northern Territory offer even more accessible prices at $799,000 and $780,000, respectively.

Availability of Listings

The availability of listings is a key factor in the upsizing decision. New South Wales tops the chart with 833 listings, followed by Victoria and Queensland with 961 and 1238 listings, respectively. Western Australia, South Australia, the Northern Territory, and the Australian Capital Territory show a lower number of listings, indicating varying levels of market activity across the states.

In conclusion, “Dream Bigger” provides a rich and varied picture of the Australian property market, highlighting key aspects such as suburb counts per state, regional diversity, median pricing, and listing availability. This report is an invaluable resource for those looking to navigate the complexities of upsizing in Australia’s diverse and dynamic real estate landscape.

Download your copy of the Dream Bigger: The ultimate guide to the top 3 suburbs for upsizing in 50 diverse areas report.

This article was originally published on Suburb Trends, authored by Kent Lardner.

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