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Investment Property Expenses

Cover costs related to your investment property and repay with rental income.

Maintaining your investment property

Expected or not, property expenses are one of the biggest headaches for both landlords and property managers. Property Credit provides a quick and easy finance solution to help tackle the ongoing costs of owning an investment property.

A one-time facility setup lets you access up to $15,000 to draw on, whenever you need it. Set up repayments to suit you and work with your rental income.

Cover all kinds of expenses

  • Repairs and maintenance — replace that hot water system now, and update the property to compliance standards.
  • Marketing — spend that little more on marketing to get the right tenant at the right price.
  • Returns — complete minor renovations to gain greater rental returns.
  • Ongoing holding costs — including insurance, body corporate fees, and land tax. Pay now and save on early payment discounts.

Protect and get the best out of your investment. 

Ideal tool for Property Managers

Take the stress out of balancing bills with rental income and even mediating between tenants and landlords. Any property expense, we can help. Simply share Property Credit with your landlord and let us take care of the rest.

  • Apply in minutes
  • Setup a facility for future access
  • Single monthly fee on drawn funds
  • Flexible repayments
  • Repay with rental income
  • No credit checks

Applying is fast and easy

Our funding solutions are centred around the property, meaning credit checks are a thing of the past. Unlock your investment's future rent today!
How much do you need?
Tell us how much you need along with some other details about your requirements
Personal and property details
Give us some details about yourself and your investment property.
Approval & funds provided
The online application takes just minutes with funds provided when required.

Investment Property Expenses FAQs

What does it cost to set up?

There is no cost to set up the facility. Fees are only charged when you make a draw on the facility.

Are there any early repayment fees?

No, you are able to repay any advance at any time without any additional exit fees or charges.

When do I make repayments?

Every time you have an expense to cover. You can choose to make payments weekly, fortnightly, monthly or even on a casual (terms and conditions apply) basis.

What are the minimum and maximum loan terms?

No minimum. The maximum is 12 months.

How long does it take to get funding?

Subject to us receiving all the necessary information, in as little as 24 hours.

Property Credit has you covered

Remove financial limitations and use future rental income to fund today's property expenses.
Get started today.

Buy and sell property on your terms

There's so much to consider when buying or selling. Below are just some of the opportunities equity release can offer over the course of a property sale.

Furniture & Home Staging

Cover the costs of furniture and home decor staging for your property for sale.

Bridging Loans

Selling your property? Access up to 80% of its value with a Bridging loan.

Buyer Deposit Facility

Fund your auction deposit using equity from the property you’re selling.

Equity Release

Selling your property? Access up to 80% of its value.

Property Advertising

Fund up-front advertising costs when selling your property.

Pre-sale Improvements

Increase saleability with pre-sale improvements and staging.

Investment Property Expenses

Cover costs related to your investment property and repay with rental income.

GST Loan

Need to fund the GST on your commercial property purchase? We've got you covered.
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