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Property can feel like a volatile industry. There’s such potential for success and yet, the smallest roadblocks can cause some of the biggest setbacks down the line.

Our team has over a century’s worth of experience in property. We’ve developed well over $100 million worth of real estate, and bought, sold and leased property across Australia. We’ve ridden the highs of our successes and felt the frustrations that surface when finances don’t align as expected.

We’ve missed out and held back in the past, and it’s cost us opportunities in real estate.

Money management is arguably the biggest limitation homeowners and property professionals face.

“If only we had a little more cash to renovate, we’d get top dollar...”

“I want to get into commercial real estate but can’t front the GST...”

“I’ve got commissions coming in, but I’m still waiting for settlements...”

We knew that if we offered owners and professionals easy, quick and affordable finance solutions, tailored specifically for real-estate, we could get people closer to achieving their property goals.

Introducing, Property Credit.

Property Credit is the brainchild of a driven, highly-skilled executive team that genuinely wants to see people succeed in property. The product of years of experience and collective innovation, our range of niche financial services have been thoughtfully selected to deliver real results for professionals and homeowners.

It’s our mission to better smooth property transactions because we believe anyone with the right financial support, can excel in real estate.

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