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Discover Your Dream Coastal Home for Under $1M: Top Affordable Suburbs for Beachside Downsizing

18 April 2024

The top 50 affordable suburbs for beachside downsizing have been revealed in an extensive new report by Property Credit.

The report provides valuable insights for Australians seeking to downsize while enjoying the serenity of coastal life.

The range of Australian suburbs have a listing price of under $1M and offer the perfect blend of affordability and seaside lifestyle.

Property Credit’s chief executive officer Giordano Stepancic, emphasised the importance of prioritising both lifestyle and cost when purchasing property.

“This is tailored for Australians eager to enhance their quality of life by relocating to coastal areas, where they can enjoy both the tranquillity of the beach and a vibrant community atmosphere without compromising on cost,” Mr Stepancic said.

The report covers listing counts, inventory levels, and financial criteria, ensuring that each suburb meets stringent standards.

South Australia shined with options like Christies Beach and Port Noarlunga South, where houses are priced between $585,773 and $636,650 respectively, and market conditions favour buyers and sellers.

In Victoria, seaside living under $1M is predominant in suburbs like Seaford and Frankston, with robust seller’s market conditions and excellent housing availability.

Western Australia presents a range of options from Meadow Springs to Dunsborough, mostly characterised by seller’s markets and prices well below the million-dollar mark.

New South Wales offers locations like Berkeley Vale and Smiths Lake where properties are close to the $1M cap but still within reach, and mostly buyer-friendly markets.

Queensland features appealing spots like Craignish and Coral Cove with properties priced around $695,000, in markets currently favouring buyers.

“Navigating today’s property market requires more than just financial investment; it’s about making informed choices at the right time,” Mr Stepancic said.

Download the full report here.

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This article is for general information purposes only and is not intended as financial product advice. Consider seeking independent financial advice that relates to your individual circumstances.

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