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Top 20 Suburbs for Raising a Family in Australia

15 November 2023
A family opening the front door of their new home

Australia’s top 20 suburbs for family living have been revealed in an extensive new report by Property Credit.

Factors like affordability, community ethos, and access to urban amenities were considered when selecting the standout suburbs.

Property Credit’s chief executive officer Giordano Steapancic said that community dynamics were key to the suburb selection criteria.

“Selecting a family home is a decision that transcends the physical space. It’s about choosing a community, investing in a lifestyle, and considering the legacy we leave for our children,” Mr Stepancic said.

The report comes at a pivotal time in the real estate market, transitioning from a seller’s market to one that’s increasingly accommodating for buyers.

“As the market shifts, the opportunities for families are expanding,” Mr Stepancic said.

“The suburbs we’ve highlighted are transitioning to a buyers’ market, presenting a prime window for families to find a home in a community where they can truly belong,” he added.

The featured suburbs are still within 50km from the city, ensuring families can enjoy a peaceful lifestyle while remaining connected to the vibrant heart of the city.

The study further underscores the socio-economic benefits of these areas, suggesting a strong potential for both an enhanced lifestyle and investment growth.

“Our research goes beyond property metrics. It’s about the intangibles—the community spirit, the educational opportunities and the backdrop for family life,” Mr Stepancic said.  

Download the Top 20 Suburbs for Raising a Family in Australia pdf here.

Top 20 family-friendly suburbs Australia wide

RankStateSuburbSale Price median HousesFamily Household (%)City distance (km)
1WAWandi 6167$587,5008427
2WAJindalee 6036$665,0008638
3WAHarrisdale 6112$625,0008820
4WACaversham 6055$600,0008214
5WAJane Brook 6056$625,0008423
6WATapping 6065$635,0008627
7WAAubin Grove 6164$672,7508624
8SAHewett 5118$660,0009141
9NTJohnston 0832$632,5007814
10NTHumpty Doo 0836$675,000795
11WAWattle Grove 6107$675,0008716
12QLDDeebing Heights 4306$635,0008235
13WALandsdale 6065$698,0008916
14WAYangebup 6164$556,5007619
15WABeeliar 6164$656,5008021
16WABurns Beach 6028$1,030,0009329
17WAPearsall 6065$615,0007919
18QLDBelivah 4207$624,0008935
19WADarch 6065$725,0009016
20WASuccess 6164$651,4007621

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