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Bridging Loans

Selling your property? Access up to 80% of its value with a Bridging loan.

Unlock the equity in your home with a Bridging Loan

Just like the name suggests, bridging loans serve as a short-term financial bridge between property transactions. They enable you to proceed with purchasing a new home while awaiting the sale of your current one.

Whether you're upsizing to a larger home, downsizing for retirement, or wanting to free up cash for personal reasons, our bridging loan solutions offer convenient access to your home's equity.

There’s no need to miss out because you're waiting for a longer sale or settlement process. Transition to your next chapter with a Property Credit bridging loan today. 

‍How does Bridging Finance work?

When selling your home (in most cases) there is the equity between your sale price and the mortgage debt you have with the bank. This is the 'locked up' value you have in your home that you can't ordinarily access until after the bank has been repaid.

Property Credit provides a short-term bridging finance solution to help bridge the gap between what you plan to do after the sale of your existing property, and now. When you sell your existing property, you repay your bridging loan with nothing to pay until that time.

  • Simple monthly fee, not due until settlement
  • Funds within 24 hours
  • Access up to 80% of the property's value
  • From $6,000
  • Progressively access more funds during your property sale process
  • No credit checks

Applying for a Bridging Loan is fast and easy

Our bridging funding solutions are centred around property transactions, meaning credit checks are a thing of the past.
How much do you need to bridge?
Tell us how much you need along with some other details about your Bridging Loan requirements.
Personal and property details
Tell us some details about yourself and the property you're selling.
Approval & funds provided
Once approved, funds are provided when you need them.

Bridging Loans FAQs

What are the minimum and maximum loan terms?

No minimum. The maximum is 6 months.

Who is eligible to apply for equity release credit

At a minimum, applicants must be actively selling their property and have a signed exclusive sales agreement with a licensed agency.

Can I apply for additional funds afterwards?

Yes, while you are still committed to selling your property. Subject to standard approval processes.

Is Property Credit a real estate agency?

No. We are a finance company offering financial solutions to real estate professionals and their clients.

How long does it take to get funding?

Subject to us receiving all the necessary information, in as little as 24 hours.

Property Credit has you covered

Remove financial limitations and access the equity in your property.
Get your bridging loan started today.

Buy and sell property on your terms

There's so much to consider when buying or selling. Below are just some of the opportunities equity release can offer over the course of a property sale.

Furniture & Home Staging

Cover the costs of furniture and home decor staging for your property for sale.

Bridging Loans

Selling your property? Access up to 80% of its value with a Bridging loan.

Buyer Deposit Facility

Fund your auction deposit using equity from the property you’re selling.

Equity Release

Selling your property? Access up to 80% of its value.

Property Advertising

Fund up-front advertising costs when selling your property.

Pre-sale Improvements

Increase saleability with pre-sale improvements and staging.

Investment Property Expenses

Cover costs related to your investment property and repay with rental income.

GST Loan

Need to fund the GST on your commercial property purchase? We've got you covered.
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