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How to Add Value for Sellers — A Guide for Agents

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Sellers are looking for real estate agents who not only deliver results but can offer value and expertise that sets them apart. This guide offers ways you can elevate your approach to not just meet but exceed the expectations of your sellers. We cover everything from how to stand out as an agent, to creating out-of-the-box marketing material. Plus, we look at how bridging finance can help you navigate the ‘who pays for what’ marketing conversation and help your client cover pre-sale improvements and other cash-flow needs across the sale process.

Offer customised marketing

Discuss and establish a clear plan that includes pricing and a solid marketing and advertising strategy. Remember, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ for selling a home so your plan should be thoughtfully tailored to your client. Implement targeted advertising campaigns to reach potential buyers across various platforms to maximise exposure and drive interest.

Social media is a great place to get creative with your campaigns and think outside the box. Digital media, especially video, lets you advertise a local area so that you can package an entire lifestyle along with a property. What are the standout features of the area you’re selling in? Is it bars? Cafes? The beach? Reels are a great way to highlight what’s happening in the area and offer that extra bit of engagement that professional photographs alone often miss.

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Stage and style the property to a professional standard

When marketing your client’s property, you should be able to highlight the property’s strengths but also respectfully identify what aspects could be improved for sale. Sellers are often so attached to their properties they struggle to see the potential flaws or areas for improvement.

Prospective buyers love turning up to an open home that’s been professionally staged. Here is where it’s good to have connections with styling, staging and furniture hire companies you trust and can rely on. Offering these services not only makes the property more sellable, but it makes your client’s life easier by taking the stress of presenting the property for sale out of the equation.

Property Credit can offer your client staging and styling funding, with nothing to pay until settlement, so they can enhance the appeal of the property and create a lasting impression on potential buyers.

Highlight what makes you different

What do you do better than any other agent in your area? Is it your ability to negotiate? Your networks? Marketing skills? Confidence is key. It’s important that when marketing your services, you communicate clearly what sets you apart plus your core values as a sales agent. Sellers want an agent that will communicate transparently, keeping them informed of all offers and negotiating strategies to empower them in decision-making so be sure to communicate that from the get-go.

Don’t be afraid to get on social media, even if it’s not in your wheelhouse. While professionalism is key, buyers prefer you present yourself authentically. Have a chat with your followers and let them know about your strengths and what you can offer. The latest tech equipment, lighting, and videography is great, but prospective clients would much rather put a face to your name and get a feel for what you’re all about. Invest in quality branding assets like fliers and marketing material and keep your website and social media up to date, too.

Help manage the transaction

Whether your client is a first-time or seasoned seller, the process is rarely stress-free.

Property Credit helps you support your client through the sale process, by unlocking the equity in the property they are selling to cover any number of pre-sale improvements, advertising costs or additional cash-flow requirements. Equity release makes the ‘who pays for what’ marketing conversation easy, and helps your client present their property in the best possible light for market.

Additionally, it’s important you guide your client through the complexities of the transaction process, from initial offer to closing. Coordinate with other parties involved, including lawyers/solicitors, inspectors, and lenders, to ensure a smooth and timely settlement. Address any concerns or challenges that may arise, so your client feels supported throughout the sale process.

Support your client after settlement

Offer ongoing support and assistance to sellers beyond settlement, including referrals to trusted service providers, and market updates. By fostering long-term relationships with clients through regular communication and follow-ups, you’ll position yourself as a trusted advisor for any future property sales.

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This article is for general information purposes only and is not intended as financial product advice. Consider seeking independent financial advice that relates to your individual circumstances.

Buy and sell property on your terms

There's so much to consider when buying or selling. Below are just some of the opportunities equity release can offer over the course of a property sale. 

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Furniture & Home Staging

Cover the costs of furniture and home decor staging for your property for sale.
icon of a calendar and a house

Bridging Loans

Selling your property? Access up to 80% of its value with a Bridging loan.
icon showing a hand holding a house with a dollar symbol inside.

Buyer Deposit Facility

Fund your auction deposit using equity from the property you’re selling.
Icon of a house with a speech bubble that contains a dollar symbol inside.

Equity Release

Selling your property? Access up to 80% of its value.
Icon showing a megaphone with a starburst surronding.

Property Advertising

Fund up-front advertising costs when selling your property.
Icon showing a paint brush and a tin of paint

Pre-sale Improvements

Increase saleability with pre-sale improvements and staging.
Icon showing a house with a tool inside.

Investment Property Expenses

Cover costs related to your investment property and repay with rental income.
Icon showing a hand holding an invoice document with a dollar symbol and data table.

GST Loan

Need to fund the GST on your commercial property purchase? We've got you covered.

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