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Want to do More in Property? Our Services Explained

11 October 2022

Are you familiar with the term ‘equity release’? Do you know what it costs to advertise a property? How will you fund your pre-sale renos? We’ve rounded up the tools we believe every property owner and professional should have under their belt.

Whether you’re an experienced investor, real estate professional, or first home buyer, there’s a 99.999% chance you want to do more in property. Perhaps you’re yet to crack the property market. Or perhaps it’s your ambition to expand an already impressive investment portfolio. Wherever you’re at, chances are greater financial support and freedoms would get you closer to your next property goal.

Enter, Property Credit.

Collectively, our team has over 100 years of experience in property. We’ve come from property development, investment, sales and beyond, and if there’s one thing we know to be true of property, it’s that virtually anyone involved in any real estate transaction can face considerable financial costs.

We know first-hand the frustrations of missing out on an opportunity because of financial limitations. Sometimes settlements don’t go through. Costs on other projects can suddenly blow out. Whatever the curve ball, if it costs you an opportunity then it’s a hard pill to swallow — one we hope that with our services, can be avoided in the future.

Property Credit believes financial flexibility is key to maximising success in real estate. Just like a tradie relies on their tool belt, property owners and professionals need a reliable network of services for getting their property goals across the line.

We want to take the financial stress out of property transactions for sellers, buyers, landlords, agents and agencies and the first step is understanding exactly what we offer so you can utilise our services when you need.

Equity Release

What is it exactly? A bridging loan is a short-term loan that helps ‘bridge the gap’ and that’s exactly what this service is. We help bridge the gap between what you plan to do after the sale of your existing property, and now.

Who is it for? Property owners.

Why might I need this service? In most cases, when selling your home there is the equity between your sale price and the mortgage debt you have with the bank. This is the 'locked-up' value you have in your home that ordinarily you can't access until after the bank has been repaid. Perhaps you’ve found your next dream home, but your current property is yet to settle, and you require the funds from settlement for a deposit. We help you access that equity now so you can buy one property before selling another.

Property Advertising

What is it exactly? Property advertising refers to the marketing campaign put together to sell your property — so photography, videos, online ads, social media, digital floor plans, copywriting, sign boards, plus print material.

Who is it for? Property owners.

Why might I need this service? Advertising costs can come as a surprise to sellers, and many may not have the funds on hand to get started. Rather than delay putting your property on the market, this service allows you to advertise your property for sale now and pay the costs at settlement.

Pre-sale Improvements

What is it exactly? Pre-sale improvements are the fixes or improvements made to a property before putting it on the market. Renos, if you will.

Who is it for? Property owners.

Why might I need this service? First impressions are everything and small improvements can often make a big difference to the saleability of a property. Maximise the value of your property with pre-sale improvements including repairs and maintenance, styling/ staging, curb appeal, and basic renovations and delay paying the costs until settlement.

Investment Property Expenses

What is it exactly? Investment property expenses include things like repairs and maintenance, covering the mortgage and other holding costs while the property is vacant, marketing, insurance, body corporate fees and land tax.

Who is it for? Investment property owners (landlords) and property managers.

Why might I need this service? Property expenses are one of the biggest headaches for both landlords and property managers. A one-time facility setup lets you access up to $15,000 to draw on, whenever you need it so you can balance bills with ease.

GST Funding

What is it exactly? GST must be paid on most commercial property purchases but most bank loans won’t cover this cost and require you to come up with the additional 10% yourself (even though it’s repayable by the ATO). GST funding helps bridge the gap by funding 100% of the GST on your property purchase.

Who is it for? Commercial property investors and property professionals.

Why might I need this service? Reclaiming the GST from the ATO can take up to 120 days causing significant cash flow problems, potentially jeopardising the transaction altogether. Whether you're a sales agent or property developer, purchasing a new build, land or even a development site, our funding solution helps you complete your next purchase without the roadblocks.

Property Professionals

Commission in Advance

Who is it for? Real estate agents and agencies.

Why might I need this service? Receiving your commissions in advance is just one way agents and agencies can better streamline their cashflow.

Agency Paid Advertising

Who is it for? Real estate agents and agencies.

Why might I need this service? The alternative to vendor paid advertising (VPA), this service helps you secure more exclusive listings, increase sale prices and provide more value for your clients when they are unable or unwilling to cover advertising costs themselves.

Exclusive Sale Agreement

Who is it for? Real estate agents and agencies that have secured a 90-day minimum exclusive sales agreement.

Why might I need this service? Selling property takes time. Ease the pressure of waiting for property settlements by accessing your income early. Streamline paying your monthly bills, or use the funds to further push advertising on your listing — it’s completely up to you!

Click here for more information on our services or you can contact us via our website or call 1300 829 536.

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