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What can I use equity release for?

Selling property presents a range of opportunities for accessing equity, some you might not have ever considered before. Lifestyle changes, like the move to retirement living can be made easier by utilising your home’s equity as can any number of cash-flow requirements. In this article we discuss a whole range of ways you can utilise the equity in your home. Everything from advertising and selling expenses, to funding a deposit for aged care living — the opportunities are endless.

Selling your home

Preparing your home for sale is one of life’s biggest undertakings. Even the cost of minor pre-sale improvements (like new tapware and a fresh coat of paint) can start to add up, especially when you consider all the additional costs of selling a house. While costly, pre-sale improvements usually make a property significantly more marketable. Even just a fresh coat of exterior paint can add anywhere up to $50,000 of extra value to the sale of your home, so small fixes and improvements are often well worth accessing equity for.

More reasons to access equity:

Styling and staging

  • Furniture hire
  • Plant hire
  • Interior decorating/styling services

Pre-sale improvements

  • Paint (interior/exterior)
  • Flooring
  • Curtains/blinds
  • Interior/exterior lighting
  • Kitchen tidy (splashback, tapware, cabinetry handles, appliances)
  • Bathroom tidy (tapware, cabinetry handles, replacement tiles)
  • Airconditioning
  • Minor repairs
  • Street appeal (minor landscaping, garden tidy, pressure cleaning)


  • Online listing (
  • Digital marketing campaigns (social media)
  • For sale signboard
  • Print advertising (brochures/flyers)
  • Photographer/videographer

Legal Costs

  • Solicitor or conveyancer costs

Selling-related costs

  • Professional cleaning
  • Building and pest
  • Removalist/moving costs
  • Auction day expenses (auctioneer fee, signage, catering)


  • Pool fence/safety compliance
  • Fire alarm compliance
  • Home security alarms
  • Security exterior lighting
  • Tree removal

Buying your next home

Even in a shifting market, good properties can be hard to come by. Ensure you’re ahead of the game by having your finances sorted before you start house hunting. If you’re utilising the services of a buyer’s agent, have you considered using the equity in the home you’re selling to cover the costs of their fees and services? What if your next dream property is being sold at auction? Are you armed with a buyer’s deposit should you be successful bidding on the day?  

More reasons to access equity:

  • Buyers deposit for auction — shop around with confidence knowing you have a deposit ready!
  • Insurance on the new property — have you covered your new property (even if you haven’t moved in yet)?
  • Buyer’s agent fee/costs

Temporary accommodation

If you haven’t come across your next dream property but you’ve sold your current property, renting might be an option until you find the one! Often the buy and sell timeline means there’s a period between the settlement date and the possession of your new home, so you might need to consider the costs of a hotel/accommodation to cover you over that period.

More reasons to access equity:

  • Rental bonds
  • Rent (short term or long term)
  • Holiday park/ hotel accommodation
  • Storage facility hire (this may also be a styling/staging requirement for decluttering purposes)


If you follow our socials, you might have come across Ken’s story before. He had an unconditional sales contract on his personal home with a 30-day settlement. Using our service, he was able to access $200,000 in equity release to not only secure a deposit on his retirement build but purchase a caravan and truck so he could travel around Australia while his new home was being built. We love stories like Ken’s, where we’ve been able to help people live life to the fullest while waiting on their property to settle.  

More reasons to access equity:

  • Nursing home deposit
  • Retirement packages
  • Downsizing in retirement
  • Holidays
  • Car/truck/caravan

Unexpected life events

Life throws all sorts of curveballs we often don’t see coming.

Divorce or separation can be challenging to navigate, but when it comes to property settlement, Property Credit can liaise with both parties separately to help you access the funding you need. You can agree to and sign your loan agreement separately, and with nothing to pay until settlement, you can relax knowing you won’t have to worry about who pays what along the way.

Plus, equity release can be utilised to fund the many expenses that emerge over the course of a divorce, like legal fees and settlements.

Having a neutral third party like Property Credit can be especially helpful when navigating the sale of deceased estates. It’s not nice to think about, but when family members are left to sell up their loved one’s property, negotiations between family members can become time consuming and stressful. Property Credit aligns the costs of selling to the sale of the property, so the stress of determining ‘who contributes what’ over the course of the sale is alleviated.


Balancing bills or waiting for pay day — managing cash flow is something we’re up against daily. While selling your property, you can use your home’s equity to consolidate debt/s or manage business or personal expenses.

  • Financing and debt consolidation
  • Business/personal investments

Visit for more information on our services or you can contact us on 1300 829 536 (au) or 03 668 2144 (nz).

This article is for general information purposes only and is not intended as financial product advice. Consider seeking independent financial advice that relates to your individual circumstances.

Buy and sell property on your terms

There's so much to consider when buying or selling. Below are just some of the opportunities equity release can offer over the course of a property sale. 

icon of a cabinet with a lamp and plant

Furniture & Home Staging

Cover the costs of furniture and home decor staging for your property for sale.
icon of a calendar and a house

Bridging Loans

Selling your property? Access up to 80% of its value with a Bridging loan.
icon showing a hand holding a house with a dollar symbol inside.

Buyer Deposit Facility

Fund your auction deposit using equity from the property you’re selling.
Icon of a house with a speech bubble that contains a dollar symbol inside.

Equity Release

Selling your property? Access up to 80% of its value.
Icon showing a megaphone with a starburst surronding.

Property Advertising

Fund up-front advertising costs when selling your property.
Icon showing a paint brush and a tin of paint

Pre-sale Improvements

Increase saleability with pre-sale improvements and staging.
Icon showing a house with a tool inside.

Investment Property Expenses

Cover costs related to your investment property and repay with rental income.
Icon showing a hand holding an invoice document with a dollar symbol and data table.

GST Loan

Need to fund the GST on your commercial property purchase? We've got you covered.

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