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Bypassing the ‘Subject to Sale’ Clause with Equity Release

27 September 2023

When buying a house, having cash readily available can be a game changer, especially if you want to bypass the ‘subject to sale’ clause. This clause is entered into purchase agreements to give the buyer time to sell their existing property before finalising the purchase of a new one. However, it can cause delays and uncertainty in the process.

Let’s explore the advantages of having cash on hand to streamline the property buy/sell process.

Speed and Efficiency

Having cash available accelerates the buying process significantly. With no need to wait for a prior property to sell, the transaction can proceed swiftly. Sellers often prefer dealing with buyers who have the financial means to complete the purchase promptly, making a cash offer highly appealing. The elimination of the ‘subject to sale’ clause ensures that you can close the deal on your dream property much faster.

Competitive Edge in a Seller’s Market

Real estate markets can be fiercely competitive, and a cash offer immediately sets you apart from other buyers who may be reliant on selling their current property. Sellers often prefer cash buyers as they offer a level of certainty and reduced risk of the deal falling through due to financing issues. This advantage can be the key to securing a property, especially in a competitive market.

Better Terms

Cash offers give buyers better negotiating power. A seller is more likely to accommodate your terms and conditions when they know they won’t have to wait for a lengthy selling process to conclude. You may be able to negotiate a better purchase price, closing costs, or other favourable terms, further maximising the value you receive from the deal.

Peace of Mind

The uncertainty associated with the ‘subject to sale’ clause can be stressful for both buyers and sellers. Having cash available removes this uncertainty, providing peace of mind and simplifying the entire buying process. You can plan with confidence, knowing that you have the funds readily available to complete the purchase.

From faster transactions and a competitive edge in the market to increased negotiating power, the advantages of being a cash buyer are substantial. Property Credit lets you access the equity in the property you’re selling so you can have cash on hand to help streamline the purchase of your next property.

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This article is for general information purposes only and is not intended as financial product advice. Consider seeking independent financial advice that relates to your individual circumstances.

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