Property Credit FAQs

Who is Property Credit?
An Australian finance company specialising in small to medium size loans exclusively for real estate professionals and their clients.

What are the fees and charges for this Design Now, Pay Later Facility?
No fees or charges apply during your no fee, no repayment period.

When do I need to pay back the facility or start making repayments?
You can repay in full 30 days after the Design Now, Pay Later period ends or over a term that suits you with principle and interest payments

Can I start making repayments at any time? Even whilst the project is not completed?
Yes, you can make repayments at any time - no additional fees or charges.

Are there any fees associated with an early payout?
You can repay the facility at any time – no additional fees or charges.

Does a credit check go on my file when applying for the pre or formal

Not typically. In some rare cases, we may require a credit check, but we will only do this after asking you first.

What information/documents will you need from me to assess my

Your identity and ability to repay this facility in the future. Documents proving: 100 points of ID; most recent mortgage statement and proof of income via bank statements.

Does the facility have to be in joint owners' names and do you need to assess both parties' situation?
No, not always. It will be subject to your application.

What if I require more funds?
Simply contact Property Credit and apply for more.

What happens if I cancel my services with Superdraft?
If you cancel with Superdraft you will not be able to draw additional funds and within 30 days repay what has been drawn down to date on the facility, in full, or begin making principal and interest repayments over a term of your choice. (max 5 years)

What happens if I don't draw down all available funds on my facility?
That is ok. You can draw down as much or as little as you require.

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