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Secured a listing? Access funds now.
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Get access to funds when you sign-up an exclusive sale agreement

Secure a 90-day minimum exclusive sales agreement and access funds today. Selling property takes time. Ease the pressure of waiting for property settlements by accessing your income early. Enjoy peace of mind that your weekly bills are covered, while you get on with doing what you do best — selling property!

Take control of your agency’s income

Running a successful agency carries with it a number of financial pressures. Access funds each time your agency secures an exclusive sales agreement, and cover costs like MITA payments. With no delays, no settlement periods, no minimum repayment periods and no hidden fees, Property Credit saves your agency stress, time, and money.

  • Access funds per listing
  • No upfront costs
  • Funds when you need it
  • Flexible repayment

Applying is fast and easy

Our funding solutions are centred around property transactions, meaning credit checks are a thing of the past.
Property Details
1. Your details
Tell us a little about yourself and your agency.
Agent or Owner Details
2. Listed property details
Provide the details of the property and exclusive agreement.
Approval and Funds Provided
3. Approval & funds provided
Application takes minutes, and funds can be provided when required.

Property Credit has you covered

Remove financial limitations on property-related transactions.
Get started today.

More Solutions

With products to fit your property transaction needs, we got you covered. Our ever growing ecosystem of solutions are designed to help at every stage of the property's life — they remove barriers and smooth out cash flow.

GST Loan on Property Purchases

100% GST funding. Ancillary finance for your next property purchase.
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Equity Release Credit

Access cash out of your property while selling.
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Property Expense Funding

Cover ANY ongoing costs related to your investment property.
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Pre-Sale Improvements

Increase sale price with pre-sale improvements.
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Vendor Paid Advertising

Secure more exclusive listings & sell more properties.
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Agency Paid Advertising

The alternative for Vendor Paid Advertising for agencies and agents.
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Commission in Advance

Take control of your cash flow and start receiving your commission today. No delays, no settlement periods, and no hidden fees.
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Exclusive Sales Agreement

Secured a listing? Access funds now.
More details
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