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Mark as Paid & Simplify the Payment Page

13 May 2024
Feature release

In this latest release, your payment gateway page has some handy new options.

Mark as Paid

Perhaps you’ve received payment over the counter at your office, or your seller has paid direct to your bank account.

Now you can open that payment request and click Mark as Paid.

Turn Payment Options Off and On

If you don’t need your Credit Card or Bank Transfer options in your gateway, you can now disable them.

Admin users can open their Office Settings and find some new settings to play with.

Turn off Bank Account Confirmation

When you have the Bank Transfer payment option activated, you can now also decide whether you want to show the message to your sellers to confirm your Agency’s bank account details prior to sending.

Try out the latest feature today

Login to the portal and take this latest feature for a spin. We're continually improving and expanding what our portal has to offer so check back soon for more great feature releases.

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