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Advanced Commission Explained

22 November 2022
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Ho ho holy moly Christmas is but weeks away. A time for cheer, a time for celebration, a time for…delayed settlements. Let’s talk commission in advance. Specifically, how it can help smooth out cash flow over one of the busiest times of the year.

What exactly is commission in advance?
Advanced commission is exactly that; your commission payments brought forward. Some misconceptions have circled the term over the years, starting with…

Advanced commission is for struggling agents or agencies
Not at all. In fact, savvy agents and agencies have been using this service for decades to better streamline payments and smooth out cashflow. Agents get paid upon settlement, so any delays mean a delay in income. Advanced commission simply enables agents and agencies to control when they get paid so they can better manage their finances. Major franchise agencies utilise this service — it’s an excellent tool for boosting business cash flow.  

It’s too expensive
It’s often assumed niche lending services, not offered by the big banks, are risky or come with some sort of catch. Property Credit offers competitive rates and you can get an instant quote here. There are no hidden fees, and your advanced commissions can be drawn all at once or in instalments over time.

It’s a lengthy process
Property Credit offers fast approvals, and you can access up to 80% of commissions within 24 hours of applying.

There’s no real benefit
Managing finances is one of the greatest headaches agents and agencies face. Streamlining cashflow for ongoing bills and expenses means more time focused on getting the next listing or even funding agency growth.

Waiting weeks (or longer!) to be paid is frustrating at the best of times, let alone at this time of year. Property Credit helps bridge the gap between sale and settlement and is here to help you access your hard-earned commissions today.

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